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For a unique portrait of children, there is nothing more mystical than a shot below water. Unlike our own eyes underwater, our cameras can record sharp crisp detail with vivid saturated colours.

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Our complete set-up is the most advanced in the UK. A large custom made multi-tone backdrop is used to recreate a natural environment. Both underwater & poolside equipment is custom designed and built by Alex Myers Imaging. The underwater rig houses a customised Nikon DSLR with a Nikkor top of the line prime lens along with on-board video cameras and 2 flash units. Images are instantly tranfered poolside and displayed on 2 x 21" HD monitors. We pride ourselves in being innovative and offering clearly visible and fair pricing for prints and digital images.

Now in our 9th year!  Alex Myers Imaging comply with and go beyond Bsi. standards PAS 520:2017  "Safeguarding 0 to 4 year old children within the teaching of swimming, incuding any associated professional photography".  Code of practice.  To exceed Bsi standards and protect against pool contamination/Giardia infection no shots are allowed without a swim nappy. To further eliminate hazards we do not condone the use of floaty net materials or 'costumes' during underwater shoots for any infant. Importantly we do not insist that the swim teacher be completely out of shot, it is better to retouch than risk being too far away for a safe recapture. Alex is a member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers and both he and his wife have been CRB (DBS) checked and he is insured for 'commercial underwater photography'. 

Swim Schools: if you wish to use our services on your own shoot then please email me via the contacts page. These are now carried out all year round! There is no photographer fee. You receive all the attendance fees. Number of individual subjects ideally need to be over 15, (we can carry out shoots with less than 15, please contact us for more details). Shoots can be up to 36 individuals. A nominal travel time payment will apply when outside the Leeds (LS postcode) area, which gradually increases towards the limit of our range. Range: Newcastle to Birmingham, Liverpool to Hull. New for 2018 on each shoot we will also be shooting sweeping overhead video (as seen above), footage of which could help publicise your school (subject to parental approval).

Parents: If you are attending a shoot please take the time to read the Hints and Parental Expectation sections below. Swim school shoots now cover all 12 months. An Attendance fee is set and charged by the swim school itself, Number of shots: up to 14 per child All shoot fee payments go directly to the swim school to cover pool hire and instructor costs, (any prints/digital files. are additional and are purchased direct from ourselves).  

Companies, If your promotional work would benefit from an underwater shoot be it stills or video please email/call, we have a choice of natural 'Dappled Blue to Sand' or 'Infinite Black' underwater backdrops. We have safe low voltage underwater lighting and if required we can also shoot video in broadcast quality at 4K. Commercial shoots are charged by the day.

Individuals, It is most cost effective to have an underwater shot of your child done by joining in on a 'swim school shoot' the attendance fee set by the swim school is normally around the £35 mark (not all swim schools allow others on their shoots so locations are very limited, currently to the Leeds/Ripon area). If however you have access to a private pool and wish a private shoot, be it for a child or adult, this will have to be charged at a daily rate with any prints/digital files being additional.

Print Prices 2018 on Fujifilm Crystal Archive. 

Note: you do not have to buy your images first in digital format to order prints! :

9"x6".. £26 (duplicates £13)      12”x 8”... £30 (duplicates £15)     18”x 12”... £34 (duplicates £17)        24”x 16”... £40 (duplicates £20)       30"x 20"...£44 (duplicates £22)

Digital Image Prices 2018:

(each shot comes in low and high resolution, the high res version can be printed out to billboard size)

Usb stick* favourite single shot from your session £50 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 2 shots from your session £60 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 3 shots from your session £70 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 4 shots from your session £80 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 5 shots from your session £90 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 6 to 7 shots from your session £100 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 8 to 9 shots from your session £110 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 10 to 12 shots from your session £120 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

Usb stickThe favourite 13 to 16 shots from your session £130 (large jpeg format file for printing, and a low res jpeg for emailing).

                                                                       All UK postage still free in 2017!

Order Online page is accessible in the menu strip above. 

Subject Requirements: We insist your child must have had some formal pool training with a qualified instructor (that includes submersions using a key phrase eg: 'Henry... swim' before every submersion). Each child must be capable of free submersion; ie: the parent/instructor letting go of the child momentarily. It will normally be the instructor who will guide the child underwater. Towards the end of your session you can join your child underwater for a family shot.  There will be 3 children max per 15 min slot, this gives each child a rest between submersions. 2 shots are normally taken for each submersion giving an average total of 10 shots.  

After the shoot (usually within the same week) your watermarked proof images will be sent to your email address for pose evaluation. Any prints or digital files purchased will normally be delivered within 10 working days of ordering there is no cut off point to ordering your images.

Safety: If your child appears to be in distress at any time during the shoot we reserve the right to end your session early. No AC /mains voltage is used anywhere during the shoot, not even away from poolside. All 5 flash units are in sealed waterproof housings and are battery powered. The 2 splashproof poolside monitors and the laptop used are also battery powered. The battery power across all items is enough for a 5 hour shoot. For commercial underwater videos: the underwater 'daylight' floodlights are waterproof to IP68 and are low voltage DC powered. The 'above surface' overhead bank of floodlights are also low voltage DC and splashproof to IP57. We do not condone the use of net materials or 'costumes' for any infant underwater and all infants must wear a swim nappy for the safety/health of any other children in the same or subsequent sessions (for this reason no naked shots are permitted). We do not insist that the swim instructor is completely out of frame for any shots, it is better to retouch than have the recapture time extended due to an unnecessary distance between child and swim instructor.

Retouching: Any regular retouching: swim instructor or parents arm/lower-leg/hand in the rear of shot (not crossing the child) is free of charge and is carried out on every possible shot prior to the proofs being sent via email to the parents (this is not the case with other underwater photographers, who will only retouch once the shots have been purchased), any scratches/bruises on the child can be removed free of charge if requested on the day, all other requested retouching, hands in front of subject, body toning, composites etc. is chargeable in 30 minute sections. 

Hints: Parents: During the family shots please look at the child not the camera. Avoid the blown out cheeks look or blowing bubbles on the descent. It is best to exhale all air before submerging (this will also help you sink). Try to look natural and serene and descend to your knees and bottom calmly (no reason to jump upwards before descending). Pretend you do this every day and it's just the normal daily routine. Ladies please make sure any make-up is waterproof! Please practice, most disappointing family shots are caused by the inexperienced parent rather than the child. If earlier in the session your child appeared to be getting a little distressed please be aware that your child will be so much calmer when descending underwater held in your arms. As well as the MacBook laptop there are 2 splashproof 21" HD monitor screens mounted poolside, one faces the water atop the backdrop at eye level, this allows you, the instructor and the photographer to see the image seconds after it is taken. The duplicate HD poolside monitor points towards family/partners so they can also evaluate the shots in real time. (The small screen on the back of all other underwater photographers cameras is never used by us for shot evaluation).

Image Security: For your peace of mind no proofs are displayed, or indeed accessible, anywhere on this web site, or our Facebook page. All that are displayed are with the permission of the parent. It is our intention that the final images will only be seen by the attendees listed on a particular shoots registration forms by sending directly to their own email address. Proofs are not held on this website for all others on the same shoot to see.

We strongly encourage you to do your research before booking with any underwater baby photographer or via your swim school:

1.  Do they work to, and in excess of, Bsi standards PAS520:2017 Safeguarding 0-4yr old children within the teaching of swimming and associated photography?

2.  Can you, whilst in the pool, along with your family poolside, see your shots within seconds of being taken on large poolside monitors?

3.  Are they insured for commercial underwater photography?

4.  Is their pricing easily accessible? Is it deliberately hidden until after your shoot? Is it fair?

5.  Do they have suspect 'special offers' to get you to order prints/files on the day or within a tight timeframe? 

6.  Have they been DBS, CRB checked??

7.  Have they over 8 years professional experience of shooting both professional stills and professional videos underwater?

8.  Is all their pool and poolside equipment custom designed  specifically for underwater portraiture, or do they use an off the shelf 'dive housing'?.

Our aim is to deliver an extremely safe and memorable experience along with 5 star imagery, at a sensible price.

Parental Expectations: Please be realistic about your expectations on the shoot: This is an unpredictable environment with very unpredictable subjects. Your child may look very different underwater. Some can refuse to open their eyes, some put both fists to their face so making a clear shot impossible. Others dislike being handled by the instructor. If one child in the group begins to vocalise their disapproval it can unsettle others. Be aware also that most infants do not float naturally in a horizontal manner whilst underwater. This has to be something they become used to doing with practice. Some will adopt a vertical pose with arms above thier heads, some diving headfirst downwards, others will attempt to run in a crouching stance and some will float 'bottom' upwards with arms, head and legs dangling beneath. Some are extremely vigorous underwater creating bubble clouds around their heads and distorting their skin. Please practice with your child holding them horizontal and lowering them into the water, gently correcting any tipping or rolling. This enables them to learn how to compensate and hold a level position. It is almost like fledglings learning to fly. Also submerge together with your child in your arms. Practice with your child really is the key to avoid disappointment and practice with the garments they will be wearing on the day of the shoot. Please be aware that water clarity can have a detrimental effect on photo quality, we have no control over the cleanliness and filtration standards at the pool your swim school chooses.

' We love the photos thanks so much for your expertise and promptness... they're going to make excellent Christmas gifts to Jonathan's grandparents and auntie! Regards Stephen and Emma'

'Just want to say thank you so much for our pictures. They are absolutely fantastic and we're so pleased with the results. Working with babies is one thing, another with 2 adults who have never opened their eyes underwater!! Maybe we will see you again when Max is a bit older. Sonia, Mark and Max'

'Dear Alex, Just a note to say how much people commented on and admired the underwater photos that you took in November of my daughter Caitlin - many were given as presents and the large one takes pride of place on the living room wall. I also appreciate the fact that you delivered them personally. Best wishes Helen Bedford, Harrogate.'

'Hi I received my disc today and the pics are FAB all the family and friends love them, thanks again Laura Parle & Thomas, Leeds.'

'Hi Alex, sorry it's been a while, I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for the images. They are fantastic, we're really really pleased and it was very good of you to include the erroneous very large ones too. I've been recommending you at the swimmers class, brilliant work!! Thanks again, Robbie Donaldson'

'Hi Alex, We thoroughly enjoyed our underwater experience. All the photos were amazing and the whole set up is very professional. We received our proofs and order very quickly and well in advance or our expectations. We'll truly treasure these special photos! Kind regards and thanks again John McLoughlin.'

* Note: digital images on usb stick are for personal use only, for distribution between family and friends as prints or digital files etc. No commercial use rights are granted.

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