We all see the advertisements for retouching of black and white badly torn photographs miraculously returned to thier former glory, in all honesty that kind of monochromatic retouching is very simple, if time consuming and indeed it can be offered if required (for book reproduction for example).

However the retouching that takes place on a day to day basis is a little more involved. It must also be suitable for commercial print and able to withstand extreme scrutiny at very large sizes. Almost every image we prepare for commercial print has some degree of retouching from the odd dust speck to complete removal of cars, people, hills or clouds.
Even very subtle almost imperceptable ‘product placements’ within a scene, an example of which maybe seen to the right. (This was the basis for the cover of a catalogue for a large builders supply firm, on the extreme right is the original shot).

Above right is a digitally airbrushed impression of a smoking shelter installation, the original shot is above far right.

Retouching is charged by the half hour regardless of complexity or end usage.