Commercial Photography & Videography

From still life shots of fruit for yogurt pots to Industrial night-scapes, sweeping vistas of the Yorkshire Dales to close up honey bees. Timelapse photography up to 4K, Macro Photography, Underwater photography, Videography.

Hi-end digital capture in excess of 140 megapixels for artworks or documents (shot under cold light for preservation or publication).

Close up photography of valuable items/heirlooms to keep as evidence/proof of ownership in case of a loss or theft.

No matter what subject be assured that the high standards I set myself will be visible in the work you commission.

The workflow is completely digital with final files supplied in .tiff or .psd format RGB or CMYK colourspace.

Multichannel files can also be provided using spot colours in place of, or as well as, the standard CMYK separations.

Alex has a great deal of experience in producing/reproducing imagery for high end, limited edition, book publication.

Please see below recent HD videos shot for Leeds based talent Ryan Smith. Further below, photographic samples.