Copy Work and Digital Colour Restoration

Using a Betterlight digital back mounted on a 5x4 Toyo camera, original art can be captured at 144 million pixels for archiving or high end reproduction. This can be done on site or in the studio. Sensitive art should not be exposed to high powered flash or tungsten lights so low temperature “cold” light is used.

We can also directly scan transparencies and flat copy art if the subject is suitable in size.

Reproduction: If the file is to be used for book printing or high end poster reproduction the image can be digitally restored to it’s original colour and condition.
The sample shown to the right was exposed to nicotine and airborn/internal acids for many years before being placed behind glass.
The picture above shows the same image after colour analysis/correction and more faithfully represents the painting as the artist intended.
This non-destructive method can also aid in the decision to have a piece of original art cleaned, by giving an indication as to the nature of the colour beneath a film of contaminants.

The files are rgb .tif @150mb native resolution and without upscaling will print at approx. 1.2mtrs x .92 mtrs. natively when taken with the copy camera (these can be printed up to street poster size).
Files from the scanner can be much larger. All files are retouched where necessary.

Copy work is not just limited to artwork, but can be used to faithfully reproduce old maps, posters, photographs at the very highest resolution.
Please note if artwork etc. is contemporary then proof of ownership/copyright may be requested.

Copy work may also be used for insurance purposes to catalogue in great detail valuable prints and manuscripts.