Alex Myers

Served a Letterpress printing apprenticeship with a division of John Waddingtons Leeds. Went on to work in the development department, eventually designing and building specialist print machinery, returning to production to become Print Manager and then 6 years as Repro Studio Manager.

Served a total of 34 years within the printing industry. Has been a photographer since 1973. In 2005 formed Alex Myers Imaging.

“I have always been passionate about imagery and obsessed with clarity and quality of reproduction, no matter what medium is used.”

For photography several systems are used:

Ultra High End and Panoramic work: 540 megapixel Betterlight on a Toyo 5x4 or Fuji GX680 mounted atop a Betterlight panoramic stage with a 6 lens compliment.  

                                                     144 megapixel Betterlight scanning back mounted for studio use on a Toyo with Schneider lenses or Fuji GX680 with 5 Fujinon lenses. 

High Resolution: 36.3 megapixel Nikon Fx DSLR with choice of 17 Nikkor lenses.

                         22 megapixel Phase One digital back mounted on a Fuji GX680 studio body with 5 Fujinon studio lenses.

                         24 megapixel Nikon Dx DSLR with choice of 17 nikkor lenses

Videography: 4 camera systems are used to record both below and above the water up to broadcast quality in 4K.

Underwater: Custom built self powered 12 volt housing, capable of tethered or un-tethered shooting. In the housing: Nikon DSLR fitted with a Nikkor prime lens, 2 x inboard Metz flash units, 2 x inboard HD video cameras, one additional through the lens camera feeding a live view custom TTL widescreen underwater/above water monitor. Total of inboard cameras FOUR.

External: 2 x Nikon strobes in waterproof housings, 2 x 19 volt splashproof HD 21" surface monitors (updated 2016) one facing the water at eye level, one facing poolside (both showing images within seconds). The underwater housing was custom built by Alex in 2015 and upgraded in 2017 with a ring light consisting of 48 high powered led's. (professional underwater photo sessions started 2008).

All digital work is processed through Capture One Pro using dual 23" screens and refined in Photoshop CC

Videos are produced using Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Image below shows Alex in the Arctic Circle at minus 30°C shooting with a Phase One P20 Digital Back on a Mamiya 645 Afd